Bringing Action into Afterlife
My reportage photography encompasses those assignments falling under both photojournalism and pressphoto such as the documentary of public and community events for various institutions and associations. I am to capture the energy of the occasion as if experiencing it through the eyes of a participant. 
Whether photographing a Sporting occasion such as a weekend tournament or an ongoing competition, whether you are an association, athletic team or individual sportsman, I can both document the action of the event itself and also produce portraits of both your team and individual athletes.

Consistent Professional Quality
When you hire me, all of your images will be "keepers", not just a select few. I publish a broad selection of images from each shoot to give prospective clients a true aidea of what to really expect. Commissioning me, you are not just booking the service of a photography business; you are hiring a passionate creative that always strives to make each new task his best work to date.

Value for Money & Service
For the quality of photographs I submit, I am truly unbeatable price-wise. I do not advertise fixed tariffs or hourly rates, because; my quotes are tailored each client´s specific needs and budgets. When I give a proposal, I quote a "minimum" number of photograps the client will receive. This because, if there are just a couple of extra shots I could include that I know a client will appreciate, I´ll put the extra time in my side.

Likewise, when commissioning me for a specific shooting periods, whether for 1 hour, an evening, or an entire day, I am never "on the minute"; if it is beneficial for the shot, and I am available, I will put that extra time for you. As any of my past and current clients will testify, I´m Always there to answer  questions and offer advice through all stages of the creative process.

In addition to being an Swedish speaking photographer, I also speak English and German. I am of course most accustomed to directing clients and exchanging with guests in the Swedish language. I am however comfortable in working in any other of the above mentioned languages.

A side from my photography experience, I also posses experience in digital graphic design, Social media and marketing. This gives me not only a knowledge of image editing, but also a full appreciation as to how Enterprise clients need to receive their images, in order for them to employed easily and effectively for marketing purposes.

Professional Equipment
Be assured that my cameras and lenses are fully professional. A professional camera and lens setup provides the professional image definition that will be evident in no matter what context your images will be used.